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William Bowmer

The Sadness of King Charles III

Every monarch has a public face put forward to unify the nation, as well as a private heart shaped by personal joys and sorrows. King Charles III has ascended to the British throne at 73 years of age—47 years older than Queen Elizabeth II was at the time of her ascension. Unlike his mother, who began her rule in her twenties, Charles has already spent a lifetime shaped by sadness that will color his service as King.

Roe Is Out, Dobbs Is In: The State of Abortion in America

US Supreme Court building reddish lighting

Did the June 2022 SCOTUS decision on abortion settle the abortion controversy once and for all? Or did the end of Roe v. Wade simply mark the beginning of an even more contentious debate on an issue that won’t truly be solved until Jesus Christ’s return?

Roe v. Wade v. Congress v. God

Supreme Court with flag at half mast

What will happen when legal institutions and governments fail to protect life in the womb? Who will bring an end to more than a half-century of “legalized” infanticide?

A Settled Decision, an Unsettled Nation

“Abortion presents a profound moral question.” So said the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which on Friday, June 24 explicitly overruled earlier Court decisions in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v.

Kabul and Prophecy

Kabul with mountains in the background and blue dome mosque

As the United States accepts unprecedented defeat in the 20-year struggle to “liberate” Afghanistan from the Taliban, many wonder: What will happen now?