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William Bowmer

Are You Spooked by Halloween?

Is Halloween an appropriate holiday for a Christian? Is it harmless fun, or a dangerously inappropriate custom? What should you do on October 31 when the ghouls and goblins arrive at your door?

Rivers of Living Water?

Scientists are making groundbreaking discoveries about the planet Mars. Is there really evidence of water on Mars? Is there life? What does this mean for a Christian—and what can it teach us about the amazing future that God has in store for mankind?

Rejoice, But Remember

How should God's people view national holidays? Does God guarantee that His people will always find their national holidays to be times of rejoicing? Scripture, history and prophecy offer us a sobering warning.

Will Mankind Become Obsolete?

Human beings are reengineering their environment—and their genetic makeup—in ways that would have been almost unimaginable just decades ago. Will new technologies save mankind from all its ills, or will we reengineer ourselves out of existence?

Kwanzaa, Christmas and God's Word

A December "harvest festival"—Kwanzaa—is gaining popularity in the United States, though some criticize its historicity and substance. But how many realize that God Himself proclaimed a "harvest festival" and that the most widely observed December festival—Christmas—is no more biblical than Kwanzaa?