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William Williams

Get 'Em While They're Young

How would you feel if someone aimed a loaded weapon at your children? And yet, in the interests of more than 700 billion dollars worth of annual purchases, many industries are doing just that: loading the barrels of their marketing campaigns with whatever ammunition they can. Their targets: the minds and impulses of children—and if you think it’s just about money, you’re only partly right.

It Is Your Move...

On the chessboard of life, are you a pawn, a queen or a king?

Four Score and Seven and 150

On November 19, 1863—exactly 150 years ago to this day—U.S. President Abraham Lincoln gave his historic “Gettysburg Address,” known for its famous lines: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Despite his lofty words, Lincoln understood that this proposition—like the nation as a whole—was being tested. What about today?

Count Your Blessings

Are you thankful for God's gifts to you? Do you even recognize His greatest gifts?

Press Onward—And Upward!

I would be surprised to meet someone who has not felt depressed or unhappy at some point in his or her life. How about you? Some fall prey to depression and discouragement worse than others, true enough, and if we went through our lives never expecting to have problems, we would certainly be disappointed. But does knowing this really help? Why is it that the proverbial “Could be worse!” more often feels like salt on an open wound?