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William Williams

Who Is Behind the Wheel?

On a cloudy morning, sometime around 5:00 a.m., a lone commuter drives to work, and not in the best frame of mind. As he leaves his neighborhood, he heads out onto the highway that will take him to his office. He barely notices that the road is still a little slick from some drizzling rain. Vaguely aware of the need to watch for roadside deer (and for other early-birds like himself), he is not operating at full capacity. His thoughts are elsewhere.

A Time to Dance...

Dance, if you can—alone or with someone, even if you are bad at it, especially if you never have danced before. You will thank yourself later, if not immediately. I had always wanted to learn how to dance. The first time I did, I was amazed by how exhilarating it was, combining physical exercise, rhythmic concentration and the challenge of following another person‘s movements across a dance floor. It really forced my mind to work.