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William Williams

Don't Quote Me on That!

Have you ever browsed Facebook, Twitter, or your e-mails and found an irresistible quote, perhaps shared with you by one of your online friends? A quote you’ve never read, a quote from some famous person, a short, pithy message that was too memorable not to pass on? And so, even if you aren’t the online “sharing” type, you give it a shot; point-click-send, and there it goes to all your friends, followers, or contacts. You’ve just become another link in a chain, spreading some inspiring nugget across your little slice of the social network.

Remembering the Berlin Airlift

In June 1948, the Soviet Union blockaded the divided, war-ravaged city of Berlin. Resentful of Allied plans for German reunification, they closed the capital’s roads, railways and rivers. Ever the ruthless provocateur, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin hoped his former allies would abandon their half of the city. Then, with complete control over Berlin, the Soviets could gain a major victory over the West.

Never Too Late to Quit

“Have You Quit Smoking? New Study Has Both Good And Bad News For You.” This headline introduces a recent Forbes report about the dangers of cigarette addiction. Eight times more Americans die per year from smoking-related health issues than died in the Vietnam War.

Independence for Israel—"Out of All Their Troubles…"

When modern Israel was founded in 1948, the newly-formed nation faced an uncertain future. The eyes of the world were upon it. From the moment Israel’s declaration of independence was signed on May 14, the endeavor was beset by many troubles. War came swiftly—when the new country’s angry neighbors attacked. Seventy years later, what is the condition of the nation that so many threatened to “drive into the sea?”

Separating Dreams from Reality—Jerusalem, World Capital?

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, United States President Donald Trump made the historic announcement that Jerusalem—the “Holy City” and "City of Peace"—is the unequivocal capital of Israel. He was, of course, referring to the modern-day state of Israel. At the same time, however, Jerusalem—one of the holiest sites to each of the world’s three largest religions—is also one of the oldest and most contested of cities, as well as the most important to Bible prophecy!