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This dumb idea was a very popular campaign slogan a few years ago, and it is a commonly held belief today. In our consumer-based economic system, which runs on credit or borrowed money, the general state of the economy is important for the well-being of its citizens. But, when this is the case, the emphasis is all wrong and our collective sense of values goes...


Why flooding and drought?

  1. 24th August 2007
  2. Don Davis

On this mid-August morning, as I'm writing, I can look out my home-office window and see dead yellow leaves falling from the trees in the yard. That's not supposed to happen in North Carolina until late September or October!


What is this dumb idea all about? It has become so pervasive that it impacts all levels of our society and impedes our communication with others. What is the point? Why has this worthless concept and practice become so prevalent? Does The Bible address such "modern" concepts? Actually, God's Word gives very specific instruction on the motives that drive this...


Minneapolis bridge collapse

  1. 03rd August 2007
  2. Ken Frank

Last night I was watching a baseball game on television and decided at 9 pm to quickly turn to Larry King Live on CNN to see who his guests would be for the show. Instead of Larry I found Wolf Blitzer delivering a breaking news story about a disaster in Minnesota.


National Amnesia

  1. 01st August 2007
  2. Rand Millich

Once the nation of the United States of America was established, what role did religion play in the years following? Was there a wall of separation between religion and the state? Many believe that the Founding Fathers delivered the nation from the influence of religion and the Bible. Let us examine the facts.


Ten really dumb ideas - #5

  1. 27th July 2007
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

#5 "Animal Rights": Treating animals like human beings So-called "animal rights activists" are aggressively promoting this incredibly dumb idea. Carried out to the extreme, this cockamamie idea means to ascribe to animals the rights and privileges that human beings have.


And the lady said...

  1. 20th July 2007
  2. Carl Ponder (1939-2007)

Recently, I attended a funeral in another state. Every effort was made by the minister to assure the family that the deceased was a special person who was now with Jesus, looking down from Heaven.


God strikes the British for their sins?

  1. 10th July 2007
  2. Carl Ponder (1939-2007)

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries the British were recognized as being basically moral and God-fearing. British civil servants were known to be fair minded, good and decent people in such far flung areas as India, East Africa, the Caribbean and other colonial outposts.