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September-October 2003


Victorious over military enemies in war after war, Great Britain is now succumbing to attacks by cultural enemies within. As this once-proud nation abandons the values that supported its prosperity and greatness, what lessons can the rest of the...


Have you ever proven for yourself the truth of your religious convictions, or do you just "go along" with everyone around you? Have you considered that some of your most basic beliefs may be wrong? The Bible offers answers to those who wish to...


The United States led a coalition to topple Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein, and quickly set about the task of rebuilding Iraq and establishing peace in the Middle East. Will the U.S. bring stability to the region with its "road map" to peace, or will...


It is vitally important to realize that, even among professing Christians, there are a number of absolutely contradictory views about God, about the teaching of Jesus Christ and about the entire purpose of human existence!

Prophecy Comes Alive

The Roman Catholic Church has a long history of intimate involvement in Europe's political and religious affairs.

Questions and Answers

Question: I have heard the Fourth Commandment (Exodus 20:8–11) described as the "test" commandment. What does this mean for Christians?

Answer: To succeed in school, students learn to follow their...

July-August 2003

Cover Story

The Western nations have enjoyed unparalleled prosperity in recent years. High finance has become the engine of economic growth for hundreds of millions who live with luxuries once unheard of. Yet the Bible warns that such prosperity may come at...

Feature Story

In the last century, some key prophetic milestones were passed. But in just the last few years, the pace of prophetic fulfillment has sped up beyond what many could have imagined just a few years ago. What does this mean for Christians today?


Do you feel that your prayers are being heard? The Bible offers practical guidance to help Christians deepen their prayer lives, and avoid common obstacles to effective prayer. Apply these guidelines to your life and you, too, can experience the...


World peace has been an elusive goal for thousands of years. Many approaches have been tried, yet all have failed. Is world peace truly an "impossible dream," or will many of us experience it within our lifetimes? The answer may surprise you.