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March-April 2004

Cover Story

We have all wondered about life after death. Will we simply cease to exist forever? Will we spend eternity in a cloud-filled heaven or a fiery hell? Understanding what the Bible really teaches about our future can give our lives hope, peace, joy...

Feature Story

Which day do you set aside to worship your Savior? Has the Sabbath day been changed? If so, under whose authority was it changed—and what does this mean for true followers of Jesus Christ? Might you have been misled?


Where do we get our concept of family? Where do we get our concept of God? The Bible reveals that these two concepts are inextricably linked, and that they teach us vital truths about God's love—and His plan—for all humanity.


Every year, billions rejoice at the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet most do not realize that the Bible tells a very different story than they usually hear from the pulpit. What is the truth about Jesus' resurrection?


Did Jesus Christ abolish the health laws given in the Old Testament, or are they still relevant today? Can biblical health laws, given thousands of years ago, be meaningful and practical in today's society? The answer may surprise you!


Our world today is more materialistic than it has been for millennia—maybe more than it has ever been. Today's society is obsessed with greed and possessiveness. Mankind today worships material things and places their acquisition as the first...

Prophecy Comes Alive

Bible prophecies about the end of the age employ sobering images of four horsemen to describe terrible events that will sweep over the earth just before the return of Jesus Christ.

Questions and Answers

Question: In Exodus 20:5, God states that He is a jealous God, but in Galatians 5:20 jealousies are mentioned among sinful fruits of the flesh. Is this a contradiction?

January-February 2004

Feature Story

The United States is waning as a global power, and the world is looking for new leadership. Europe is moving closer to unification. The long papacy of John Paul II may be very near its end. What will come next in Europe—and what does Bible...


There are seemingly countless ideas about God. How can you know which is true? Is God a mysterious "trinity" or an unseen essence? Is God even knowable? Is He real to you? Your Bible says that you can know the real God!