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January-February 2003


After a Christian accepts God's grace, does God require anything more? God tells us to repent and be baptized, but is this "salvation by works"? Is "obedience" at odds with "grace"? What does the Bible really teach about obedience to Jesus Christ...


The powerful emotions generated by September 11, 2001, are still affecting millions of Americans. One common question still asked is: "Where was God on September 11?"

Prophecy Comes Alive

The Truth really is more remarkable than fiction— especially the powerful truth of Bible prophecy! In recent decades stunning events have appeared in the news that prove the Scriptures are not fables composed by men, but are inspired revelations...

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it proper for Christians to exchange cards on Valentine’s Day, February 14? I have been told that it is a Christian holiday, named after a saint.

Answer: Most people take for granted the...

November-December 2002

Cover Story

When mankind breaks God's spiritual law, terrible consequences follow. The United States is enduring enormous suffering because it is turning away from the God of the Bible. A nation that once received unprecedented blessings from God now faces...

Feature Story

Few understand the amazing religious drama that has played out over centuries in Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Key parts of the story have been lost, forgotten or deliberately obscured. But the coming of true Christianity to Europe's...


Most "religious" people believe in some form of heaven and hell as reward or punishment for human beings. Does this mean that everyone reared in the "wrong religion" will spend eternity in hell? The Bible gives a surprising—and reassuring—answer...


Is Jesus Christ alive? If He is, where is He? What is He doing? What are His future plans? Many call themselves Christians, but surprisingly few know the true Jesus of the Bible, the importance of His life, death and resurrection, and His amazing...


Perhaps we should pause to ask, "Which Jesus?" and also, "What about attending the church of God's choice—the church where the full Truth of the Bible is taught and practiced?"

Prophecy Comes Alive

Surprising as it may seem, the modern ecumenical movement— and its outcome—were prophesied long ago in the pages of your Bible. Those prophecies are coming alive today!