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May-June 2004

Feature Story

Many have been intrigued by the mix of fact and fiction in the recent bestseller The Da Vinci Code. Was "Christianity" really hijacked by non-Christian forces in the centuries after Christ? The answer may change the way you look at true Christian...


"Speaking in tongues" is nowadays a much-misunderstood phenomenon. Some insist that "ecstatic speech" is evidence of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Others consider it optional or even dangerous. What is the truth of the matter? You need to know what...


Scientists are making groundbreaking discoveries about the planet Mars. Is there really evidence of water on Mars? Is there life? What does this mean for a Christian—and what can it teach us about the amazing future that God has in store for...


There are many terrible sins besetting the British-descended and American peoples. But one of the most awful and most fundamental sins today is that our peoples are beginning to embrace something they would not have even dreamed of 20 or 30 years...

Prophecy Comes Alive

Warnings about famine may sound absurd to affluent overfed nations in Western Europe, North America and other parts of the world, where obesity is a growing problem! However, large segments of the human family experience daily hunger and...

March-April 2004

Cover Story

We have all wondered about life after death. Will we simply cease to exist forever? Will we spend eternity in a cloud-filled heaven or a fiery hell? Understanding what the Bible really teaches about our future can give our lives hope, peace, joy...

Feature Story

Which day do you set aside to worship your Savior? Has the Sabbath day been changed? If so, under whose authority was it changed—and what does this mean for true followers of Jesus Christ? Might you have been misled?


Where do we get our concept of family? Where do we get our concept of God? The Bible reveals that these two concepts are inextricably linked, and that they teach us vital truths about God's love—and His plan—for all humanity.


Every year, billions rejoice at the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet most do not realize that the Bible tells a very different story than they usually hear from the pulpit. What is the truth about Jesus' resurrection?


Did Jesus Christ abolish the health laws given in the Old Testament, or are they still relevant today? Can biblical health laws, given thousands of years ago, be meaningful and practical in today's society? The answer may surprise you!