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September-October 2019

Is Europe Preparing for War?
Unhappily Ever After?
Surviving—and Thriving—in Times of Stress
The Treaty of Versailles: Examining a Legacy
Wars and Rumors of Wars
A Quiver Full of Arrows
5G—Revolution or Catastrophe?
The Ride Is Almost Over
History’s Ultimate Turning Point
Canada Repudiates Its Legal Foundation
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

July-August 2019

Are You Ready for the Next Giant Leap
A Different Kind of Courage
Do You Really Want to Eat That?
The World Next Door
Lies Abound...
A Legacy of Harmony
I Am Ashurbanipal
Then Comes Sudden Destruction
Kingston Penitentiary: Proclaim Liberty to the Captives!
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

May-June 2019

Is Masculinity Really Toxic?
What on Earth For?
One Man, One Woman: One Happy Marriage!
Why Gender Confusion?
Rushing to Judgment
God’s Commandments: Curse or Blessing?
Brexit: Britain’s Nightmare Divorce
Forgotten History That Reveals Our Future!
The “Global South” vs. the Liberal West
Debtor Nation
There’s a Hole in the Bucket
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

March-April 2019

The Devil’s Deadly Deceptions
Why Observe Easter? The Hunt for the Truth
What Is the Draw of Sharia Law?
Answering the Great Question
A Meditation on Bread and Empty Shelves
Expert Advice for Parents
NATO: Guardian of Peace?
Pieces of the Prophetic Puzzle in Europe?
The Coming Clash of Civilizations
The Great Intendant
Our Moon: Faithful Witness in the Sky
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

January-February 2019

Has Science Discovered the Creator?
Why Is This Message Left Out?
The Powerful Privilege of Prayer
Evaluating Life’s Possibilities
The End of Roe v. Wade?
Make Your Family a Priority
#MeToo Is Nothing New
Our Best Hope
Islam’s Last Jihad
The Origins of Gender Identity
Science and the Glory of Kings
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

November-December 2018

Lest We Forget
Are We a Thankful Nation?
Why Christmas?
The Knock
Stairway to Hell
Turn Guilt into Positive Growth!
The Ultimate Sacrifice!
What Do You Celebrate?
Europe's Final Revival
Dismissing Our History
Singing Caterpillars
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

September-October 2018

AIDS Can Be Stopped!
Is Darwinian Evolution Dead?
Five Prophecies for the Middle East
If I Were a Rich Man…
Can We Think of Eternal Life as a Tangible Asset?
Making Good News
Penicillin: Miracle Drug No More!
Design Implies Purpose
The Anglosphere’s Sobering Future
King of the Arctic
A Universe Tailored Just for You
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

July-August 2018

The Coming One-World Government!
Abortion: The Real Story, Part 2
What Is Prophesied for Germany?
The "This Is Us" Effect
The High Cost of High Intensity
A Better “Revolution”!
Why Free Speech Matters
"A Blessing to All Nations"
Winnie-the-Pooh: A Little Child Shall Lead Them
Octopus: An Alien in Our Oceans?
Questions and Answers