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November-December 2020

Holidays or Holy Days?
Should You Recite the "Sinner's Prayer"?
A World Without Politics
The God Thing
Protect the Next Generation from Fake History
Overcoming Pandemic Fear: God's Way
"... And No One Shall Make Them Afraid"
Modern Moral Theory and the Murray-Hill Riot
The Extraordinary Ordinary Richardson's Ground Squirrel
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

September-October 2020

Is Big Brother Coming?
Will America Have a Second Civil War?
Are You Unforgivable?
Seek the Compassion of Christ
A House Divided
The Battle of Britain: Divine Intervention
The Prince of Peace
COVID-19 Uncovers a Hidden Sin
The Life Is in the Blood
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

July-August 2020

A Perfect Storm
Who Changed the Sabbath to Sunday?
Misguided Education and the Decline of Western Civilization
"If My People Would Humble Themselves..."
A Lesson From My Dog
Should We Kiss Dating Hello?
The Mayflower: Ship That Launched an Empire
"Nothing Like a Good Pandemic!"
Staying Connected in Isolation
Just What Is a Virus?
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

May-June 2020

Traveling Amidst Masses of Masks
Contagion: Defeating Infectious Disease
Claiming God’s Promises!
When the World’s Economy Gets the Flu
The Bible’s Health Laws vs. Coronavirus
Understanding the Coming Plagues of Prophecy
Parenting During a Pandemic
Brexit Day 2020
A World on the Brink
Anxiety, Control, and Toilet Paper
Letters to the Editor

March-April 2020

Cold War Secrets, Broken Arrows, and the Fate of Humanity
Does God Exist? How Can You Know?
Seven Steps to Happiness
Fun and Fulfillment
"Clean Up Your Mess!": Raising Responsible Children
The Declaration of Arbroath and Brexit
Why Are So Many People Unhappy?
Baby Bust: Birth Rate Decline and the Death of Cultures
God’s Creative Power Behind the Brainless Genius of the Sponge
Bunnies, eggs, and… Jesus Christ’s resurrection?
Letters to the Editor

January-February 2020

Seven Signs of the Second Coming of Christ
Is Cannabis a Cure-All or a Scam?
The Miracle at Midway
The Sins of Prejudice, Partiality, and Partisanship
How to Fight Loneliness—Five Ways to Overcome
God Save the Queen?
What Does “Thy Kingdom Come” Mean?
Common Law vs. Napoleonic Code
Quantum Supremacy and God’s Creation
Is My Baptism Valid?
Letters to the Editor

November-December 2019

The Rise of Modern Paganism
Christmas—Does It Matter?
Nations Rise and Fall
Read It for What It Really Says
All Things Are Possible to Him Who Believes
Can the World Wide Web Be Rescued?
How Can All of This Be Free?
Protests, Peacocks, and Virtue Signalling
Insect Innovations
Questions and Answers
Letters to the Editor

September-October 2019

Is Europe Preparing for War?
Unhappily Ever After?
Surviving—and Thriving—in Times of Stress