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July-August 2002


How should God's people view national holidays? Does God guarantee that His people will always find their national holidays to be times of rejoicing? Scripture, history and prophecy offer us a sobering warning.


World leaders are realizing that medicines, money, research and legislation cannot by themselves win the battle against disease. As we face global plagues and deadly new diseases, can we find in the Bible a prescription for true health?


Is chastity an outdated concept in modern society? In a popular culture that confuses love with sexual promiscuity, can concerned parents rear their children in an atmosphere of true love and biblical values?


If there is any one thing I could wish for you readers of Tomorrow's World, it is that you would come to have the faith and the courage to act on the Truth. Through this magazine—and through the Tomorrow's World television program and other...

Prophecy Comes Alive

One of the most surprising developments of the last 50 years has been the dramatic shift away from Judeo-Christian moral values that provided the foundation of Western civilization.

Questions and Answers

Question: Many are confused about the manner of Jesus Christ’s return. How will we know when He returns to Earth?

Answer: Before His death, resurrection and ascension into heaven, Jesus Christ promised...

May-June 2002

Cover Story

For centuries, preachers have been proclaiming: "Jesus Christ may come back tonight!" Countless people have been disappointed—even turned off—because of such date-setting and the extreme emotionalism that often prompts it. What does the Bible...

Feature Story

Every married couple wants peace, love and happiness in marriage. But far too few find that marriage meets their expectations. Whose fault is this? There are biblical principles that can help couples find, and nourish, the marital intimacy that...


Human beings are reengineering their environment—and their genetic makeup—in ways that would have been almost unimaginable just decades ago. Will new technologies save mankind from all its ills, or will we reengineer ourselves out of existence?...


Most people in the United States and British-descended nations will say that adultery is wrong. But their actions tell a different story. What is behind this double-standard, and what effect will it have on your nation—or even on you?