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January-February 2002

Questions and Answers

Question: Exactly what does it mean to "overcome"? Is "overcoming" important in living the Christian life?

Answer: While Jesus was instructing His disciples, He told them: "Therefore you shall be perfect,...

November-December 2001

Cover Story

Why are people—and nations—unable to live together in peace? Why, in our modern, affluent, educated, technologically advanced 21st century is the search for peace—among nations and between individuals—such a difficult and seemingly unattainable...

Feature Story

Divine healing is a greatly neglected part of Christianity for most. It is rarely discussed in most mainstream churches, because Satan the Devil has blinded the vast majority of humanity—including most professing Christians! What does the Bible...


Have you ever wondered whether you have committed the unpardonable sin? Are you wracked with guilt or fear about your own spiritual condition, or the condition of loved ones? Just what is the "unpardonable sin"? If you are worried about this...


The United States is a religious nation—at least that is what people tell the pollsters. Yet it is also beset with burgeoning moral problems. Divorce, pornography, abortion and violence have all increased dramatically in recent decades. Does the...


A December "harvest festival"—Kwanzaa—is gaining popularity in the United States, though some criticize its historicity and substance. But how many realize that God Himself proclaimed a "harvest festival" and that the most widely observed...


As we have explained in previous issues of this magazine, the British-descended and American peoples are descendants of the so-called "Lost Ten Tribes" of Israel. Many do not understand this, but as each year unfolds this understanding will...

Prophecy Comes Alive

Quietly—yet steadily—developments in the world of religion are demonstrating that Bible prophecies are coming alive today.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is the "gospel" preached by modern Christianity the same gospel Jesus Christ preached and commissioned His New Testament Church to proclaim to the world?

Answer: You may be surprised to learn...

September-October 2001

Cover Story

When Europe's post-World War II order crumbled in 1989, experts were taken by surprise. But students of the Bible had known all along that Germany would be reunited. What does prophecy say?