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November-December 2002


Perhaps we should pause to ask, "Which Jesus?" and also, "What about attending the church of God's choice—the church where the full Truth of the Bible is taught and practiced?"

Prophecy Comes Alive

Surprising as it may seem, the modern ecumenical movement— and its outcome—were prophesied long ago in the pages of your Bible. Those prophecies are coming alive today!

Questions and Answers

Question: In Matthew 12:31-32, Jesus spoke of an unpardonable sin. What is this sin, and why can it not be forgiven?

Answer: The thought of being cut off from God forever is an awful horror. Yet many...

September-October 2002

Cover Story

Germany is playing a pivotal role in Europe, but many do not realize that it will also play a pivotal role in end-time prophecy. Social and political conditions are pushing a resurgent Germany into an old and familiar role, which will bring dire...

Feature Story

Everyone wants to know what happens after death. Preachers offer many different theories about the fate of unsaved children, and of those who never heard the gospel. But the truth of the matter is in the pages of the Bible—where very few seem to...


Are witchcraft, astrology and spiritism just harmless hobbies, or are they deceptive sources of information and guidance? Many do not realize that the occult now pervades modern culture, and that Christians must remain on guard against its evil...


Millions across the United States recite this phrase in their Pledge of Allegiance. Most Western nations share the ideal of living under God's guidance. We know the right words. But how do we measure up to them in practice?


Churchgoers are growing restless. Thousands are dropping out. Many recent studies and polls of churchgoers show that "churchianity"—as a whole—is not providing answers to life's most important questions. People are not being told the...

Prophecy Comes Alive

Our modern world would be wise to heed the biblical prophets, because their warnings ultimately focus on the end of the age—the times in which we are living. In fact, God's prophetic warnings are still being delivered today!

Questions and Answers

Question: The God of the Old Testament seems harsh, demanding “an eye for an eye” and “a tooth for a tooth.” Is it not true that Jesus came to do away with His Father’s law of cruel bondage?

Answer: Many...