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America and Britain Sign “First of Its Kind” Agreement

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The United Kingdom and United States recently signed a new agreement to cooperate in the areas of “clean energy, critical minerals and artificial intelligence” (Reuters, June 8, 2023). According to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s office, under the new Atlantic Declaration, “Britain and the United States will strengthen their supply chains, develop technologies of the future and invest in one another’s industries.” Mr. Sunak and U.S. President Joe Biden agreed to set up a new “civil nuclear partnership” to reduce British reliance on Russian energy and agreed to create a “data bridge” that would allow UK businesses to transfer data to the U.S. with less “red tape.”

Today we are witnessing a new regionalization of national alliances. China, India, Russia, Iran, and other nations in their area of the world are growing closer. Pacific nations are working more closely together. European nations are working toward greater cooperation and harmonization, in spite of routine national personality conflicts. Meanwhile, two nations separated by an ocean—the UK and the U.S.—continue to maintain their decades-long “special relationship” and draw even closer together and share sensitive national security secrets.

Students of Bible prophecy should not be surprised. End-time prophecies focus on four major end-time world powers: (1) The King of the North (or “beast” of Revelation)—a group of European nations led by Germany that will eventually occupy the Holy Land. (2) The King of the South—a group of Arab-Muslim nations that work against the “beast.” (3) Kings from the East—a group of nations that will likely include China, Russia, India, and other nations that earn the wrath of the “beast” (see Daniel 11:40–44). (4) The Israelite-descended nations—the U.S., UK, and other British-descended nations that will decline and go into some form of national captivity. To learn more about how these regional alliances will fit into Bible prophecy, be sure watch “End-Time Powers of the Middle East.”