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The Future of Greece

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“Just hours after bringing his far-left Syriza party to victory in the Greek elections, Alexis Tsipras has been appointed PM and shown that he is prepared to play hardball with eurozone fiscal hawks...” (EU Observer, January 26, 2015). Tsipras, age 40, “is the youngest Greek PM in modern times” and was elected to bring an end to austerity (ibid.). Greek debt is mounting and deadlines for repayment are looming in the next couple of months. While Mr. Tsipras has vowed to keep the euro, experts warn that unless Greece can reach a deal with its creditors, it will default on its loans and be forced to return to the drachma (Telegraph, January 26, 2015). 

Will Greece return to the drachma and break with the EU or will it strike a deal and “sell its soul” to Germany—giving its power and authority to what will eventually become “the beast of Revelation” (see Revelation 17)? This is an unsettled time for Greece and most of Europe as increased terrorism, financial stresses and a host of other factors put increasing pressure on the iron-and-clay bonds that loosely join these fiercely independent nations (Daniel 2:40-43). The Bible books of Daniel and Revelation shed light on the future of Europe.

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