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Arming the Beast

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In the wake of the Brexit, EU leaders are again calling for a European Army. According to the Czech Prime Minister, “The European Union will need a common army to bolster its security over the long term after the U.K. follows through on its decision to exit the bloc” (Bloomberg, August 22, 2016). Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke observed “My opinion [is that] Brexit was supported by Mr. Juncker and leadership of the EU because Great Britain was an obstacle to greater unification of the EU and to the European army” (Sputnik News, August 22, 2016). Many believed Britain would use its veto power if the formation of a European army was formally proposed (ibid.). A European army is viewed as desirable because many believe, “as far as security is concerned, a united Europe is better” (Euronews, August 23, 2016). Ironically, even as France works with Germany toward more unity within the EU, analysts predict that France is likely to be the next nation to leave the EU (Euronews, August 23, 2016).

Bible prophecies warn that a powerful “beast” power will emerge in Europe at the end of the age (Daniel 2:42-44; 7:7). Prophecies indicate this “beast” will be headed by Germany (Isaiah 10:5-11), and this will have serious consequences for modern Israelite nations (Deuteronomy 28:36-50). The geopolitical shifts we are watching in Europe could pave the way for the end-time European beast. For more information on this vital topic, be sure to read The Beast of Revelation.