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Asian Arms Race

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At a time when “growth in military spending is slowing down in the volatile Middle East” and Latin America, military spending is surging ahead in Asia, where a number of countries are “positioning themselves for future conflicts” (Business Insider, February 11, 2016). According to a recent report, “Emerging global powers China and India are set to drive stronger defense spending over the next decade… There is now a risk of an arms race as Asia Pacific nations increase their military spending as they move their focus from territorial defense to power projection… China’s defense budget is on track to almost double within 10 years… At that 2020 level, China’s defense budget would be about four times bigger than the UK’s and more than the combined spending of Western Europe” (CNBC, December 12, 2016). India’s defense build-up is designed to “deal with tensions with Pakistan and the growing military strength of China” (Wall Street Journal, February 28, 2015). Japan has recently set a record defense budget to deal with threats from North Korea and China (CNN, December 22, 2016). Russia has also continued to modernize its military forces (BI, February 11, 2016).

The growth in Asian military spending fits with end-time Bible prophecies that speak of a 200-million-man army entering the Middle East from “the east and the north” (Daniel 11:44; Revelation 9:14-16). This alliance of eastern kings will wield unprecedented military might that will ultimately destroy a third of mankind (Revelation 9:18). While the exact configuration of this end-time army is yet to be determined, it will involve highly populous nations with extensive military resources. For more on the coming eastern superpower, read “Five Prophetic Signs for the Middle East.”