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Asian Nations Pivot Toward China

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“Across Asia, more and more countries are being pulled into Beijing’s orbit, with the timid stance adopted by Southeast Asian nations on the South China Sea at a weekend summit a clear sign this fundamental geostrategic shift is gathering momentum... Uncertainty over Washington’s commitment, analysts say, will only draw ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] countries further toward China, which can lure them with cheap loans, infrastructure investments and tariff cuts, but with a risk of diminished bargaining power” (Reuters, May 1, 2017).

Bible prophecy makes it clear that an end-time Asian superpower, mustering a 200-million-man army, will descend on the Middle East just prior to Christ’s return (Revelation 9:13–19). Reaction to U.S. policies and to North Korea’s aggressive actions may help push this future Asian confederacy together. For more insight into this topic, review our informative article, “Return of the Dragon.”