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Behind U.S.-Israeli Military Ties

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Despite the seemingly troubled relationship between Israel and Washington, America continues to provide 15-20 percent of Israel’s military budget. U.S. military gifts to Israel include the highly advanced F-35 fighter jet (Deutsche Welle, September 14, 2016). Some wonder why America is so supportive of Israel. Is it because Israel is a lone democracy in the Middle East, or because of a strong pro-Israel lobby in Washington? Or is there another factor that sheds light on this special relationship?

Bible prophecy and an understanding of national identities provide valuable insights that are seldom mentioned today. The Bible reveals that following the captivity of the ancient nations of Israel and Judah, their descendants dispersed abroad. While many of the captive peoples of Judah returned to Palestine, the “lost tribes” of the nation of Israel migrated into northwestern Europe, and many of their descendants later moved on to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. As descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, many peoples in these Israelite countries are actually “cousins.” The real reason that America is such a strong supporter of Israel today has more to do with “blood” than it does politics or money. This profound truth provides important insights into the geopolitics of today. For more details about the connections between America, Israel, and British-descended nations, read or listen to our booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.