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Deaths from Hunger in Africa!

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While many people around the globe go to bed content, 40 million in East Africa are experiencing severe hunger (The Telegraph, May 17, 2023). This is 60 percent more people than last year. By July, experts believe one person in East Africa will die from hunger every 28 seconds.

The weather has not been kind. Five consecutive failed rainy seasons have devastated regions in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia, while, conversely, South Sudan has seen a fifth season of severe flooding. As violence increases in Sudan, another 2.5 million people are expected to become acutely food insecure. Meanwhile, 6,000 people are fleeing the country daily—putting additional strain on surrounding nations. In addition, the World Food Programme has cut its food rations to several desperate nations. Critics blame the West for failing to support needy countries, and some nations are cutting financial support as conditions worsen. Changing climate and war-induced famine are also blamed for the East African hunger crisis.

Today many world leaders “feed themselves” but fail to look out for the people they are supposed to serve. In this world of get, many people look out only for themselves and neglect their neighbors. Thankfully, Jesus Christ is going to return and stop the self-centered ways of this Satan-inspired world and will bring seasons of plenty for all. This will be a time when everyone has his own vine and fig tree (Micah 4:4), and harvests last into the planting season (Amos 9:13). As tragedies occur around the globe, we can pray earnestly that God will hasten the return of the Savior of mankind! For more hopeful insights, be sure to read “Fear Not the Third Horseman.”