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Egypt to Lead in the Holy Land?

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In a recent interview with Al-Ahram, Egyptian president al-Sisi commented “We are ready to send military forces into a Palestinian state… We would help the local police and reassure the Israelis through our role as guarantor. Not forever, of course but for the time necessary to re-establish confidence. But first a Palestinian state must exist where troops can be sent to” (Israel National News, November 24, 2014). Al-Sisi was reacting to the lack of progress in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the need for stability in the region and to assist a Palestinian Authority that is unable to stabilize its own people. He also suggested this option would encourage creating a Palestinian state. Whether or not Egypt will send troops to stabilize the Palestinian situation remains to be seen. However, the fact that Egypt is ready to take a leadership position in the Holy Land is significant. 

The Bible speaks of a “king of the South” that will eventually “come to the table” and create a short-term peace with the European “king of the North” (Daniel 11:21-28; Psalm 83:5-8). This king of the south represents a coalition of Arab nations led by a strong political or religious leader and country. It remains to be seen if the offer by Egypt’s president al-Sisi might fulfill that future role. This is a situation to watch.

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