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Europe Taking the Lead

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Many are watching Germany’s newfound zeal to lead Europe (Politico, June 12, 2017). The European think tank European Council on Foreign Relations recently observed, “The habitual reluctance of post-war Germans to assume responsibility, to express their preferences and to lead in their neighbourhood, is giving way to an acceptance of Germany’s special role in Europe. This new attitude is more functionalist than triumphalist, but it is underpinned by considerable confidence” (June 8, 2017). While the economies of Britain and the U.S. continue to struggle, Europe’s economy is gaining momentum. Europeans also see the U.S.’s new isolationist policies as an opportunity for them to take the lead (Politico, June 15, 2017). Regional and global security threats are also being used as a catalyst for Europe to lead militarily (Politico, June 9, 2017).

Bible prophecy indicates that, at the time of the end, the Israelite-descended nations will not play a leading role on the world stage, but a German-led political, economic and religious power will become more prominent (see Daniel 11:40-44; Revelation 17:12-14; Isaiah 10:5-7). This global power shift appears to be developing and will continue in the years ahead—just as God prophesied! To better understand what is happening in Europe, be sure to watch our insightful telecast “Four Prophecies for Germany.”