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German Battle Tanks to Support European Armies

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In the past, Germany has been reluctant to share military technology with other nations. However, the war in Ukraine is changing things (Politico, August 1, 2023). In January, Germany finally agreed to send 18 of its Leopard 2A6 high-tech battle tanks to Ukraine. Until then, Germany’s talk about Zeitenwende—the historic shift in the nation’s military and defense policy, promised in early 2022 by Chancellor Olaf Scholz—had been primarily just that: talk. Yet sending 18 tanks to Ukraine created an opportunity not only to build more tanks to replenish Germany’s armaments, but also to establish a common European armaments strategy.

Poland recently ordered tanks from both the United States and South Korea (over 1,200 tanks in all). Yet, this order of mixed products creates maintenance, communal training, and supply chain issues. Having a common defense platform streamlines production, maintenance, and training. Following Germany’s announcement to provide tanks, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Italy have lined up to obtain, collectively, more than 250 German tanks in the years ahead. The Czech Republic plans to establish its own production line to help fill the order, and so may Italy. Norway ordered 54 German tanks earlier this year, and Germany will also be replacing more of its own Leopard tanks.

As more German battle tanks are built and used by European nations, we may begin to see even more cooperation and sharing in the development of defense technology on the continent. Bible prophecy reveals that Germany will lead a European political, military, and economic power that will dramatically affect the entire world. The Bible refers to this future superpower as “the Beast.” To learn more about these coming world-shaking events, be sure to read or listen to “Why Is Germany Rising?