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German-led Group of Nations Signs Energy Agreement

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“Germany, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have signed a memorandum of understanding on risk preparedness and solidarity in the electricity sector as the danger of blackouts becomes more realistic in light of the dwindling energy supplies coming from Russia” (, June 28, 2022). In anticipation of a difficult winter, thanks to energy uncertainty from their Russian energy source, these nations agreed to work proactively to put alternative energy sources in place in case of a “worst case scenario.”

The agreement puts forth numerous alternatives should the Russian gas supply be turned off, including cross-border sharing of electricity, sharing of technical expertise, sharing of portable generators, and more. The looming crisis is forcing these European nations not only to consider alternatives, but also to work even more closely together on issues that have been viewed previously as domestic issues.

Crises are known to breed creativity and sometimes new levels of cooperation, and the current energy threat in Europe is no different. This agreement was signed by Germany and five other nations—but why might this be significant? The book of Revelation reveals that ten kings or nations will eventually give their power over to the “beast” for a brief period just before the return of Jesus Christ (see Revelation 17). This looming energy crisis could be an example of an international situation that could contribute to driving the end-time ten kings together. This recently signed agreement shows how quickly external threats can move nations to cooperate and how quickly the long-prophesied Beast of Revelation could arise. To learn more, watch our telecast titled “The Beast of Revelation.”