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Germany to Increase Trade with Africa

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier are in Africa strengthening economic ties with Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia (Deutsche Welle, October 29, 2023). In the wake of the war in Ukraine, which is greatly impacting food availability and prices in Africa, and as a counter to China’s growing influence in Africa, Germany feels it imperative to improve economic relations and trade with nations in Africa. Germany is working to reform its “Compact with Africa” as German companies look for greater economic opportunities there.

This week, Chancellor Scholz met with Nigeria’s president to also talk about regional security and global events. Nigeria’s economy is seen by many as on par with Egypt’s, and it is Africa’s most populous nation. As Chancellor Scholz meets with West African leaders, President Steinmeier will meet with East African leaders. “Steinmeier’s subsequent state visit to southern Zambia on November 1 will be the first ever by a German president.”

Such investment in global trade by Germany bears watching. Bible prophecy reveals that a German-led European “beast” power will arise at the end of the age. This entity will be a religious, military, and financial superpower that will impact the world in numerous ways. The Scriptures refer to this end-time mixture of religious and worldly power as “Babylon the great” and state that the nations of the earth will become rich by trading with her before her fall (Revelation 18). Today, Germany is on the move around the globe. Watch for Germany to grow in influence, wealth, and power in the years ahead. To gain further insight about this important nation, be sure to read or listen to Germany in Prophecy.