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Germany's Repatriation of Gold

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“Under the Bundesbank’s new gold storage plan in 2013, [Germany]  decided to bring back 674 tonnes from abroad by 2020 and store half of its gold in its own vaults… Since the transfers began in 2013, the Bundesbank said it has relocated a total of 157 tonnes of gold to Frankfurt—67 tonnes from Paris and 90 tonnes from New York” (AFP, January 19, 2015). Germany placed much of its gold reserves in foreign banks following WWII in order to protect it from possible Russian seizure, with the instability of East Germany. Now it is repatriating large quantities of gold due to “surging mistrust of the euro during Europe’s debt crisis” (ibid.). In 2014 alone, “120 tonnes of gold were transferred to Frankfurt from storage locations abroad” (ibid.).  

Could it be that Germany is also preparing for a possible future switch in currency and that its on-hand gold could be used to back this future currency? Bible prophecy reveals that Germany will play a powerful and important role in end-time events, both before and after the return of Christ.

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