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God Created the Best Way to Feed Babies

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A new study from Trinity College Dublin reports on the impact of high-temperature sterilization of baby bottles on microplastics (The Guardian, October 19, 2020). “Scientists found that the recommended high-temperature process for sterilising plastic bottles and preparing formula milk caused bottles to shed millions of microplastics and trillions of even smaller nanoplastics.” One researcher expressed how shocked the team was by the sheer number of microplastics babies consume in a single day. “A study last year by the World Health Organization estimated adults would consume between 300 and 600 microplastics a day,” yet the “average values [for infants using plastic bottles] were on the order of a million or millions.”

Researchers are now studying the impact of all these plastics on the health of growing children. New bottle sterilizing procedures are being developed, and scientists are suggesting the use of glass bottles instead of plastic.

Although a small minority of women are physically unable to breastfeed their infants, this ancient and God-designed practice is still proving to be the safest, healthiest, and most ideal way to feed infants. It is also exciting to be reminded that, despite the wisdom and creativity of ingenious human beings, God’s original designs are always the best (Genesis 1:31)! For more information on other Bible-based health principles, be sure to read Biblical Principles of Health.