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Health Dangers of Tattoos

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“Tattoos are more popular than ever. Roughly half of millennials have one, as do 36% of Gen Xers… The number of Americans with at least one tattoo has jumped 50% in the past four years” (Time, April 5, 2017). The growing prevalence of tattoos has spawned new research into potential dangers of the practice. Research shows tattoos may interfere with both body cooling (through sweating) and also mineral reabsorption. Tattooing is linked to the spread of malignant cancers when skin tumors are present during the tattooing process. Tattooing may also increase the risk of skin cancer, and tattoo ink may act as a vector for the spread of bacterial infections (ibid.). Ultimately, many of the risks of tattooing are still unknown. Long ago, God outlawed tattooing for His people—for their own benefit, and, as His chosen people, they were to be holy and an example to other nations (Leviticus 19:28; Deuteronomy 10:12-13; 14:1-2). The Bible states that we are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27) and that our bodies are not our own (1 Corinthians 6:19); therefore, God expects us not to deface our bodies. For more information on this timely topic, be sure to read “Body Ink: What Does God Think?