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Hypersonic Arms Race

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The United States recently attempted the test launch of a hypersonic missile from a base in Alaska. Four seconds after the launch, the missile had to be destroyed (Reuters, August 25, 2014).  Hypersonic missiles can travel at about ten times the speed of sound and are designed to reach any target on earth within an hour (ibid.). This type of missile is touted as a “deterrent” intended for use against rogue nuclear nations like North Korea and Iran. This new technology is not expected to come online for another decade (ibid.). However, China has already tested a hypersonic missile, and Russia is believed to be developing one as well (The Guardian, August 26, 2014). 

To date, virtually every weapon developed by mankind has been used in one way or another. The proliferation of powerful and rapid-response weapons like hypersonic missiles suggests an ominous future for mankind. Yet, Bible prophecy clearly shows that humanity will not utterly destroy itself (Mark 13:20). The end of the age will bring a great global tribulation (Matthew 24:21), but Christ will return and usher in a 1,000-year period of peace on the earth (Revelation 5:10; 20:4-5).

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