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Nigerian School Children Kidnapped

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Two weeks ago, over 250 children, teachers, and staff were kidnapped from a school in northwestern Nigeria (The Guardian, March 7, 2024). The event occurred so quickly that authorities did not arrive until the kidnappers had departed. This attack followed an abduction of 200 women and children by extremist groups, also in northern Nigeria. Mass kidnappings are not new to Nigeria, but these recent events illustrate how the nation’s security situation continues to deteriorate. Nigeria’s president was elected a year ago promising to end violence but has been unable to achieve this goal.

Last week, the kidnappers made a telephone call to a local government official demanding a ransom of one billion naira (about $620,000) in exchange for those kidnapped (Reuters, March 13, 2024). The ransom per person, more than $2,000, exceeds the average per capita income in Nigeria. The deadline to receive the ransom is 20 days from the kidnapping. If it is not paid, kidnappers have threatened to kill their hostages. Government security forces are working to secure the release of the prisoners without paying the ransom.

In Nigeria’s failing economy, the strong and ruthless are seeking to make a profit by preying on the weak. This inhumane act was perpetrated by godless people. Kidnapping is an action God detests and clearly condemns in His word, assigning an extreme punishment to those who commit it (Deuteronomy 24:7). One day soon Christ will return to the earth and enforce His perfect “law of liberty” around the globe (James 1:25). That law will outlaw stealing—theft of either goods or people. May that day come quickly! To learn more about this encouraging future read “When Tomorrow Becomes Today.”