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Pro-Life Students Face Threats

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Today there is growing hatred for anyone or anything that reflects biblical morality. ITV recently reported on an incident that reflects that trend, an unhinged protest against a meeting of pro-life students at the University of Manchester in the UK (Catholic Herald, March 2, 2024). As the students walked to the meeting room, a hostile crowd of about 250 protesters reportedly threw eggs at the building and attacked the pro-life students with verbal abuse and threats, according to the report. Protesting students chanted “Shame on you!” and, according to some accounts, spat at some pro-life supporters and told one first-year student they hoped she would “get raped.” The charged atmosphere moved police to physically escort the meeting students into and out of the building for their safety.

A heavily pregnant woman was transported home by police for fear of injury. She said that trying to leave the building through the angry crowd was the “most terrifying part,” and that “we were surrounded and people were screaming in our faces. I knew that it would only take one person to push into me for me to fall and be crushed. It was traumatic, I was shaking the whole time and I’m still really shaken up. I really thought our lives were in danger. The crowd was extremely violent—spitting, throwing eggs, screaming and swearing.”

There is a spiritual component to these protests! As Western societies once undergirded to at least some degree by biblical values flee those same values, we see more of the “works of the flesh” becoming evident. Galatians 5 records these characteristics, such as hatred, contention, wrathful outbursts, even a murderous spirit (vv. 19–21). These characteristics reflect none other than the “god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4). As history approaches the return of Jesus Christ, we should expect such behaviors to intensify. But Jesus Christ will soon return as the Prince of Peace. To learn more about what to expect in the future, read or listen to Armageddon and Beyond.