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True Education: Where To Find It?

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If there is a real God—and there is—what would He think about a society that condones such behavior and even includes it as a part of a college education?

Only a few years ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article on how college freshmen "get educated" at our major universities. It described how some "freshmen orientations" are structured in a number of our Ivy League campuses. Warning to sensitive readers! The following are not my words, but those of the writer as published in one of the most respected newspapers in the world: "At Princeton, the freshman class must attend 'Sex on a Saturday Night' (SoSN) during its first week. It's a university-organized, student-performed play designed to warn about sexual assault and alcohol abuse. Many schools have similar programs. Its noble intentions are overshadowed, however, by a deleterious message: College is time to get busy (and not just in the library)! SoSN revolves around Joe, a bookish upperclassmen, who is egged on by his peers to 'score big' on his first date with Frances, a naïve freshman. Armed with condoms and the keys to an isolated lovepad on campus, he sets out. The play then turns to their sex-crazed friends, who spend their Saturday plotting about hooking up. Meanwhile, Joe and Frances get very drunk" (September 5, 2007).

Frankly, I stopped quoting the above article when I did, because it becomes much more graphic later. And this article is just one of several I have read describing the utter depravity in much of what we call "higher education."


If there is a real God—and there is—what would He think about a society that condones such behavior and even includes it as a part of a college education? Although many of our colleges and universities teach their students at an advanced level in subjects such as mathematics, science and literature, our "Western" society seems to be coming apart faster than ever!

Addressing this issue, Dr. J. Martin Klotsche, Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin states, "In short, the virtual elimination of illiteracy has not resulted in our discovering a more intelligent way of living. For if a correlation has existed between literacy and intelligence, we should have witnessed in our lifetime a decline in war, national strife, crime, delinquency and general social maladjustment. Yet quite the reverse is the case. For this literate 20th century of ours has also been the bloodiest and most turbulent.... The two great casualties of our times have been truth and conscience and unless we can restore these two values to a position of primary importance our educational efforts will have been in vain" (Vital Speeches of the Day, September 1, 1976).

As some of you readers may already know, the Tomorrow's World magazine is sponsored by the same organization—the Living Church of God—that also sponsors Living University, a distance-learning institution that offers college courses with an entirely different approach to education. Students at Living University—young and old alike—gain an understanding of the reason for human existence, the true purpose for life, and how to attain that purpose. Its faculty members are certainly well-versed in their respective disciplines, but even more importantly they have a true understanding of why we are here and how to attain genuine success in life.

Over the last century, colleges and universities of the Western world have become incredibly secular. With few exceptions, they have not retained God in their knowledge (Romans 1:28–32). Their focus is on expanding students' knowledge of the material world through application of the scientific method, and on preparing them to live and work in the pluralism of a global society. These institutions infuse young men and women with in-depth secular understanding, goals and ideals. Yet the foundation of knowledge, the Word of God, is left out. Students may learn how to earn a living and to navigate the political realities of the world, but do not learn how to live in a godly sense.

We should not be surprised that in our world today fewer and fewer seem willing to commit to living the way of life of authentic, original Christianity. I hope you are an exception. Through this magazine and the Tomorrow's World telecast, we encourage millions to experience the exciting way of life of the Bible. Of course, living by God's word means we have to accurately know what that way entails and develop a heartfelt commitment to do so. A first step is getting the right education irrespective of our age, gender, or economic or social status.

I have learned that true education, as Scripture presents it, goes far beyond knowledge production. It must teach the spiritual values without which all the other pursuits will lead to ruin! True education must be based on the Truth of God. Only a person with willingness to learn from the Great Teacher, and follow His example, will build a proper foundation to receive true knowledge.

In the four years since I established Living University with the help of a handful of former Ambassador University faculty members, hundreds of students have completed on-line theology courses that have greatly enriched their lives. Last semester, more than 200 adult learners were enrolled. One never knows how students will be brought to Living University. I would like to share with you the story of one. In her own words:

"Much to my surprise, one day last summer, I found a booklet entitled The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy on my own bookshelf in my own basement. I had gone to retrieve a book on the glycemic index, thinking I knew exactly where the book was. However, in that book's place, was the booklet mentioned above written by Herbert W. Armstrong. The contents of this booklet amazed me. As soon as I had finished reading it, I was on the Internet looking for this Mr. Armstrong. Consequently I found myself, not only on the Living Church of God's Web site, but enrolling in course THL 135…"

True education—the recapturing of true and permanent values—is the underlying focus at Living University. At Living University, in all we do, we challenge each other to fulfill our mission, to "Recapture True Values." Living University brings insight and depth to the study of God's word and enables the development of the whole person for Christian leadership and service. Its students are taught to apply biblical values to every facet of life—including art, literature, health, science, music and human relations. This opportunity affords personal and spiritual development.

Of course the university has to have support to function. The Living Church of God provides a basic grant each year to fund its operations. But to function effectively, it needs the support of those willing to contribute, whether by prayers or by donations or by enrolling in courses. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities Living University provides, and how you can be a part of this important endeavor as a student or supporter, please visit the university's Web site:

The gift of true education at Living University—one of the most valuable endeavors of our time—helps to prepare individuals for potential roles of future leadership in God's Work in these end days. Living University, by training Christian leaders all around the world, seeks to bring instruction in God's Way beyond geographical boundaries to all peoples. As its motto states: "All the World Is Our Campus."

Are you interested in developing your leadership potential? Are you interested in really preparing for your part in Christ's coming Kingdom—the soon-coming Government of God that will rule over this entire world upon Christ's coming? Then take action! Become involved with Living University through your earnest prayers, and consider becoming fully involved by signing up for Living University classes that provide a genuine preview of true education in Tomorrow's World!


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