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Sobering Impact of Future Events

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Bible prophecies seem far-fetched and unreal to many today. For those who live in relative peace and safety, even if some conveniences are lacking now and then, it is hard to imagine what it will be like for humanity when end-time prophecies actually come to pass. However, for those with eyes to see, much can be learned from current events. In Revelation 6:12–16, following the opening of the sixth prophetic seal (the “heavenly signs”), the rich and great of the earth will be terrified and seeking places to hide. They will be so overwhelmed with fear that they will say to the rocks and mountains, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!”

What will it take to bring people to this point of desperation? The terrible earthquakes in Afghanistan provide some insight. In recent weeks, several powerful earthquakes in a northwestern province have killed over 2,400 people and injured thousands more, and hundreds are still missing (The Guardian, October 15, 2023). Many area residents have been living outside in tents, fearful that aftershocks will cause more devastation—and aftershocks have done just that. As a result, residents are growing weary, and some are in a constant state of fear, worried by every vibration. Some are finally giving up and leaving the region.

The quakes in Afghanistan are currently isolated, but the devastation and loss of life provides insight into the suffering that will come with the prophesied events at the end of the age. As we watch these current tragedies, we should be moved to fervently pray for Christ’s return to establish His Kingdom that will bring with it “peace… quietness and assurance forever” (Isaiah 32:17). To learn more about our prophesied future, read or listen to The World Ahead: What Will It Be Like?