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Temple Activists Dedicate an Altar

News and Prophecy Staff
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During a small ceremony on December 10, the last day of the Jewish Hanukkah festival, temple activists dedicated a portable altar just outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The dedication ceremony involved priests in traditional dress and a slaughtered lamb as an offering, although the sheep was slaughtered off-site. Invitations to attend the ceremony were issued to 70 nations (Jerusalem Post, December 10, 2018; Breaking Israel News, November 29, 2018).

For years, temple activists in Jerusalem have been preparing implements for use in the hoped-for future temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The purpose of the dedication of this portable altar is to be able to move onto the Temple Mount and begin sacrificing on short notice, should permission to sacrifice there be granted. Current political conditions in Jerusalem and the Middle East preclude such an event taking place in the immediate future because the Temple Mount is also holy to Muslims.  

Bible prophecy reveals that in the future an altar will be erected and daily sacrifices will resume (possibly on the Temple Mount) before they are suddenly stopped (Daniel 9:26–27; 12:11). These events will occur prior to the return of Jesus Christ. The resumption of daily sacrifices by the Jews is just one of the signs that will mark His impending return. Whether the portable altar recently dedicated will be the altar upon which these end-time sacrifices occur remains to be seen. However, Jesus specifically told His disciples to watch for these events (Matthew 24:15, 42). To learn about more events that will happen prior to Christ’s return, be sure to read or listen to Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return.