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Weather Extremes Go Global

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A German author recently noted, “July and August 2021 have been marked by extreme weather conditions—from drought and fires in Southern Europe, Russia and North America to severe flooding in Western Europe, Africa and Asia” (Deutsche Welle, August 10, 2021). Flooding and drought are on the rise around the globe!

In Algeria, forest fires are burning villages and killing rescue workers (AP, August 10, 2021). In Greece, unprecedented fires and soaring temperatures have created “apocalyptic” conditions in and around Athens and ravaged several islands, forcing evacuations (The Guardian, August 7, 2021). Severe fires are burning in Siberia, California, Canada, northern Israel, and southern Lebanon. In the Andes in the Southern Hemisphere, winter snowpacks are extremely low (The Guardian, August 5, 2021), suggesting devastating fires should be expected this summer. 

Droughts lead to low crop yields and reduced supplies of hay, forcing ranchers to cull herds and perhaps to look for supplemental income to offset their financial losses (AP, July 26, 2021). Warming rivers are resulting in massive fish die-offs (AP, July 27, 2021). Some of the world’s leading climate experts warn that the extremes of drought and flooding will continue if the planet continues to heat up (National Geographic, August 9, 2021).

The weather extremes we are now witnessing are prophesied to occur on an even greater scale as the end of the age approaches. God warned the ancient Israelites that if they turned away from Him and despised His laws, “your heavens which are over your head shall be bronze, and the earth which is under you shall be iron. The Lord will change the rain of your land to powder and dust” (Deuteronomy 28:23–24). Bible prophecies also warn of rain and flooding in one city and drought in another (Amos 4:7). There is more to the extreme weather events we are witnessing than media reports suggest. For more insight about the future, be sure to read Acts of God: Why Natural Disasters?