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Christ Versus Christianity

Christ Versus Christianity

  Original Air Date: 26th July 2017

As shocking as it may be, the church Jesus founded is nothing like the many churches calling themselves by His name. This is fact and can be easily proven. A brief reading of the New Testament reveals many practices of Jesus, the Apostles and the early Church that are not found in most mainstream churches today—even those calling themselves Christian. Does it matter what Jesus and the Apostles did? If so, you need to look at their actions and ask why so few are doing the same.

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Restoring Original Christianity

If Jesus of Nazareth were to return to the earth today, would He recognize the religion that is using His name? Not at all! Mankind has twisted Jesus Christ’s teachings so that the religion bearing His name has practically no relationship to what He and the Apostles actually lived and believed.

Can you find a Church that strives to live by the original teachings of Christianity? Can you prove for yourself what God’s Truth really is? This booklet will give you the all-important answers to those questions!

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