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Five Inconvenient Facts About Marijuana

Five Inconvenient Facts About Marijuana

  Original Air Date: 19th August 2021

Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana on June 19, 2018, though it would be four months before becoming effectively legal.   And because it’s now legal, many people assume that means it must be safe and harmless. It’s a natural product and has proven medical benefits.  But are we hearing the whole story?  Are there facts about marijuana that you’re not being told? And if so, what are those facts?

Are there unintended consequences to this landmark decision?  How may it impact your life?  And if you think, “It doesn’t affect me because I never used the stuff and have no plans to so,” think again.  That may be a mistake.  Here are  five facts you need to know, about the hallucinogenic cannabis plant, known as marijuana.

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Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You

Efforts to legalize the use of marijuana, for both “medicinal” and recreational purposes, continue to grow and find success in the halls of state and national governments.

Is the drug as harmless as advocates claim? Could society benefit from legalizing it? Is there a larger picture to consider? The plain answers are inside!

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