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Holidays or Holy Days?

Holidays or Holy Days?

  Original Air Date: 6th February 2019

Everyone loves a holiday. They can give us an opportunity to spend time with relatives and friends we have not seen for a while. Many religions celebrate holy days. And that’s how we came to use the term HOLI-Days. But are many of those religious days really “holy”? Do we really want to celebrate days that have nothing to do with what we claim to believe? Which days should we observe? Holidays or Holy Days? Or both?

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Easter: The Untold Story

Every year, billions of people observe a joyous Easter Sunday celebration. For some, it may be one of the few times each year they come to church. For others, it may be the culmination of observances going back to Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Good Friday in preparation for the festive day.

Many of these people have no idea that their Easter celebration owes far, far more to pre-Christian myth than to anything Jesus Christ or His Apostles believed, practiced or taught.  A few think they can “sanctify the pagan” by turning old worship of Astarte or Ishtar into a “Christian” rite; others just assume that this is what Christians have always done. 

The truth is that Jesus Christ did command His followers to keep annual observance in memory of His death. And He gave His followers one sign that would prove or disprove His Messiahship. Shockingly, very few people alive today realize that the Good Friday to Easter Sunday tradition is actually in utter opposition to the truth of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection as foretold in Scripture.  If you want to learn that truth, read on!

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