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The Biblical Holy Days, Part 1

The Biblical Holy Days, Part 1

Why do most professing Christians observe holidays that were never kept by Jesus and His Apostles, that are steeped in pagan traditions; and at the same time, forsake the observance of the Holy Days found in the Bible and that Jesus kept?  Does it matter which days we observe as long as we get time off work, go to parties, and enjoy wonderful meals with family and friends? The answer is simple.  It does matter! 

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The Holy Days: God's Master Plan

Why do most professing Christians observe Christmas, Easter and Halloween, yet fail to observe the very days that the Bible clearly commands? Does it make that much difference which days we keep? Does it affect our hope for eternal life? And does it massively impact our understanding of what kind of God we worship and what is the great purpose being worked out here on earth?

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