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The Missing Message

The Missing Message

At Christmas-time, the usual traditions and decorations are visible almost everywhere. Among those traditions, visible many weeks before Christmas, are the sales and promotions that make Christmas the busiest retail season of the year. Many believe that the commercialization -- along with distractions like "Santa Claus" -- takes our attention away from the real meaning of Jesus' birth. But how many realize that the December 25 tradition itself obscures the truth? You need to know what your Bible reveals about the true meaning of the Messiah's first coming!

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The Holy Days: God's Master Plan

Why do most professing Christians observe Christmas, Easter and Halloween, yet fail to observe the very days that the Bible clearly commands? Does it make that much difference which days we keep? Does it affect our hope for eternal life? And does it massively impact our understanding of what kind of God we worship and what is the great purpose being worked out here on earth?

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