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Is Christmas Christian?

Is Christmas Christian?

  Original Air Date: 23rd December 2015

What would Jesus Christ say about the festivities going on in His name each year?  What does your Bible say about Christ’s birth? You need to know!

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Is Christmas Christian?

We see the scene every year—decorated trees, evergreen wreaths, and bright multi-colored lights. Sometimes there is a little crèche in the corner, depicting an infant child receiving lavish gifts. Yet most of the gift-giving these days is done by debt-laden adults, trying to outdo each other in gifting children, family members, and friends with the latest style or fad.

Is this what Jesus Christ had in mind for His followers? For that matter, do these traditions have anything at all to do with the birth of Jesus Christ? People often say, “Let’s put Christ back in Christmas”—but was He ever there? Where did we get our many traditions? The answers may surprise you!

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