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Douglas S. Winnail

Looming Financial Woes

The United States of America and other Israelite nations (the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and nations of northwest European descent) have enjoyed unprecedented financial prosperity for the last two centuries. The pound and the dollar have been the world's reserve currencies and the recognized medium of exchange for world trade for several hundred years. However, this privileged and preeminent position is changing, and dramatic reversals are going to impact the Israelite nations as ancient Bible prophecies come alive in the years just ahead.

Forgotten Lessons

Many people today are concerned that world events are heading in a dangerous direction. Spreading violence, global brutality and widespread corruption in governments and society dominate the news. Many see the erosion of Western society's foundational Judeo-Christian values and the ensuing moral decay—and they wonder, where are these trends leading? What does the future hold? While critics scoff, Bible prophecies reveal that our modern world is approaching a fateful milestone in history.

Coming End-Time Conflicts

Many modern scholars conclude that "the only available guide" to political scientists is human logic and patterns of human behavior that can be discerned over time (The Improbable War, Christopher Coker, pp. 1–2). However, this secular academic approach overlooks a source that has and does predict the future in the dynamic field of international relations. The God of the Bible boldly claims that He alone can predict the future and bring it to pass (Isaiah 41:21–24; 46:8–11) and that "He removes kings and raises up kings" (Daniel 2:20–21; 4:35). Contrary to what modern scholars assert, the Bible has long foretold that specific nations will be involved in major end-time conflicts just before Jesus Christ returns to this earth—and those prophecies are coming alive today!

The Rise of Unbelief!

The last several decades have witnessed a remarkable emergence and growth of forces hostile to biblical truths and Christian beliefs—especially among more affluent, educated members of society. While some view this change as the inevitable result of social and intellectual progress, Bible prophecies have long foretold that this would be a sign that the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ are near. These ancient prophecies are coming alive in our modern societies today!

The Demise of the West

What lies just ahead for the once-prosperous Western nations that have dominated the world for the last five centuries? Why is the influence of the United States in the world declining? Why has once-powerful Britain needed to struggle to remain united? What has happened to the glory of France? Why has immigration changed the face of Canada? Why are the nations of Australia and New Zealand challenged by rising Asian powers? Why are Western nations that once served as models of freedom, prosperity and morality plagued by growing internal strife and falling prestige on the world stage? Few now realize that Western decline was predicted long ago in Bible prophecies that are coming alive today!