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Stuart Wachowicz

What Happens When I Die?

Today many in our society claim to have no interest or belief in religion and readily dismiss the idea of an afterlife.  Of course, opinion on the matter may shift a bit with age or illness, as one’s apparent mortality becomes more obvious.  Almost all people will at one point ponder the question: “What happens when I die?”


Beware The Emperor’s New Clothes

We have examples where blatantly incorrect statements are made even though scientifically measured data points in the opposite direction. When a person, knowledgeable in their field, today states a fact based upon measurement, if his fact differs from the popular narrative, the individual is vilified. Far to many are afraid to speak up on matters where the truth is evident, because the facts don't match the popular narrative.

Have You Ever Ignored a Warning?

Failure to heed warnings has led mankind to experience a near continuous litany of needless suffering and sorrow over the millennia. Have you ever ignored a warning, one that if heeded would have saved you much grief?

Who Was the Old Testament God?

Volumes in bookstores and libraries and online sources claim to reveal just Who Jesus was, where He came from, and His relationship to the God of the Old Testament. Yet they contain little that is really definitive, and are generally contradictory to each other, especially to the Bible they claim to believe

The Great Deception

How can a deceptive narrative about an incident come to be deeply believed, even by those who may have witnessed it or participated in the event? Can people really be made to accept a false representation of what happened? Is it possible to convince individuals of something that they know is likely untrue? What can the true story of a remarkable, yet not well known military operation from the second World War teach us about deception?