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Wyatt Ciesielka

Sigh and cry

The young athletes battling for Olympic gold are impressive with their show of grace and strength. But, behind the bright lights of the 2008 Beijing games are lesser–known stories much more worthy of our attention. These are also stories of grace and strength, but more importantly, of mercy, of suffering, and of sacrifice.

Fear not the Third Horseman

Have you been affected by escalating food prices? Are you worried how you will pay your bills and feed your family, if the price of basics like milk reach $10 a gallon, or if bread reaches $8 a loaf?

Liberté, or austerity?

France and Germany continue to vie for European leadership.  Who will triumph?  What will become of the cherished French ideals of liberté, égalité, and fraternité?  Will liberté or austerity prevail in Europe?

Hope or world hunger?

More than 1 billion of the earth's nearly 6.8 billion inhabitants are chronically undernourished.  Today alone, 16,000 children starved to death or died from hunger-related causes – this is one child every five seconds!  And 2009 is predicted to be the worst year yet by far for global hunger.  For millions and millions, hope is turning to hunger.  Why?

What is God's form of government?

As United States citizens execute their democratic right to elect their next President, a true Christian should pause and ask a more fundamental question—is there a better answer?