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Wyatt Ciesielka

Why Satan Loves Christmas

Most people dismiss the commercialism, the pagan influence, and the impossibility of a December 25 birth, and take comfort in slogans such as “Put Christ back in Christmas.” But how many professing Christians would feel comfortable celebrating Christmas if they understood that you cannot “put Christ back in Christmas” because Christmas is Satanic?

Hope or world hunger?

More than 1 billion of the earth's nearly 6.8 billion inhabitants are chronically undernourished.  Today alone, 16,000 children starved to death or died from hunger-related causes – this is one child every five seconds!  And 2009 is predicted to be the worst year yet by far for global hunger.  For millions and millions, hope is turning to hunger.  Why?

What is God's form of government?

As United States citizens execute their democratic right to elect their next President, a true Christian should pause and ask a more fundamental question—is there a better answer?