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What Happens When You Die?

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It is one of the greatest mysteries of life: What happens when you die?

  • Is there any way to know with certainty what awaits us after we die?
  • Do the dead go to heaven or hell? Or does the Bible say something else entirely?
  • Does God have a plan for those who die without having ever heard about Jesus Christ?
  • What is the real reward of the saved?
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Quick Synopsis

For millennia, mankind has wondered about what happens to us after death. Religions disagree about the answer, and many scientists dismiss the question outright. Is death truly the end of human existence, or does something await us after we die?

What Happens When You Die? explains the details about what happens when you die and what you can expect after death. It tackles your questions about heaven and hell, whether or not humans have an immortal soul, the mystery of the Bible’s three resurrections, and many more. The answers will surprise you, but this booklet will make those answers plain, using the words of your own Bible!

If you want to know what happens after death, then this booklet was written especially for you. With abundant biblical explanations and an uncompromising devotion to getting to the truth of the matter, this brief but powerful resource will answer your questions and provide you with more hope about your future than you ever expected!

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