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Is God Part of Your Marriage?

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I first laid eyes on my husband when I was 22 years old.  Our eyes locked for just a moment, but the connection had been made.  We were married three years later, and this much older and wiser man of 28 began to teach me many things.  I learned very quickly that I could have most anything I wanted, because he was a "giver."

God was not at all real to me at the time. He was just someone I'd be seeing later! My husband and I went to church and paid our tithes, but were thrown a great blow nonetheless. One day our daughter informed us that she had found a great Truth and would be attending church on Saturday, wouldn't be participating in Christmas, and didn't want any more birthday presents!

In my attempt to set her straight on this silly notion of hers, I began reading about her church and its beliefs. First, I read about the Sabbath, and much to my surprise I realized she was right (Genesis 2:2-3). As I dug deeper and deeper, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we should not be participating in the pagan celebrations of Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and others. Yikes! It was time to tell my husband.

When I look back on our family's history with this great Truth my daughter was given first, I can see the hand of God through each and every day! Our Great God knew that He must call me next, because I worshiped my husband and would have followed him into God's true Church – no questions asked. God made me prove to Him that I would answer His call and follow Him – with or without my husband (Matthew 16:24). Seven years later, God opened my husband's eyes to the Truth, and we are all in God's Church today.

When I was given the gift of the Holy Spirit, God revealed to me that my loving husband deserved a "giving" wife (Acts 20:35). This beautiful gift of "giving" has brought unity and completeness to our marriage of 36 years. We have received other gifts as well: joy, kindness, gentleness, and peace (Galatians 5:22). When both spouses are giving 100 percent of the time, both are also receiving 100 percent of the time. One of my favorite quotes from my husband is, "I love the new person you've become!" If you would like to know how to bring that same unity and completeness into your life, I'd like to recommend the booklet God's Plan for Happy Marriage.