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A cursory look over at the religious situation of the world reveals the powerful hold Satan and demonic powers have upon blinded unbelievers who are in the Christ-dishonouring religions and false cults. True Christians are a relatively small percentage of the world’s population. I’m glad you are there, and your powerful publications will always be a guiding light. Please continue sending me your Tomorrow’s World magazine and your other literatures.

E. L., Kalookan City, Metro Manila, Philippines

I wish to commend you all for the wonderful work you’ve done in allowing many to learn the truth about God’s Word. It’s a true blessing and I want to say many thanks to you and your team for the awesome booklets which you provide for free. Also, the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course is amazing. It’s very challenging yet rewarding as one gets to learn the Word of God. However, I wish you would write a book on ‘”The devil: does he exist?” This is a question I’d love to be answered in a booklet.

K. K., Kingston, Jamaica

Editor’s Note: Even many who recognize the reality of Satan do not realize just how widespread his influence is over the people of the world today. You may want to request our free booklet, Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity, to learn more about this vital topic.

Thank you so very much for the publications that you have sent to me. They have helped me so much. I read your books over and over again. I believe in God and pray always and He has brought me through many difficult times. It is nice to know that there are people like you out there as so many people now are so uncaring. May God bless each and every one of you!

P. M., Deloraine, TAS, Australia

I have enjoyed the magazines you have sent me. They seem to speak to my heart. So many scriptural truths are being taught. I want to thank you for the love and work you are doing. Your teachings are in accord with the word of God. Thank you for not watering down your teachings and teaching so many. May you be blessed in you efforts always to teach the truth of the Bible.

L. H., London, KY

I thank God every time I receive my publication of Tomorrow’s World. Everything is described and explained so clearly and in line with scripture that it’s refreshing to be refreshed with our Lord’s word. I like the booklets also. I pray hard daily for this world to change, but it is what it is. Thanks again for your generous God-driven work.

R. V., Bellevue, MI

Thank you so much for sending me an anointed cloth a few weeks ago. I may have a type of muscular dystrophy that runs rampant in my family. Anyway, this condition makes my muscles quiver and feel weak. Since receiving the anointed cloth, I have not had any fine tremors in my hands, and my penmanship has returned to normal. I have more energy and I have not felt weary. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me. I know it was not the cloth itself, but your prayers and our dear Savior’s grace. To Him be the glory.

J. D., Greenfield, WI

Many years ago, I subscribed to the Plain Truth magazine, under the guidance of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. I greatly admired his plain teaching of the truth. Then I heard that he died, and that someone named “Tzchak” (?) had taken over. Suddenly there was no more Plain Truth. I lost all contact with his organization. Then, one day, I found a Tomorrow’s World magazine in a waiting room. I asked the receptionist if I could take it home. I read it, and was grateful to see that someone had taken up the banner of truth again.

D. L., Girrawheen, WA, Australia


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