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May-June 2002

Feature Story

Every married couple wants peace, love and happiness in marriage. But far too few find that marriage meets their expectations. Whose fault is this? There are biblical principles that can help couples find, and nourish, the marital intimacy that...


Human beings are reengineering their environment—and their genetic makeup—in ways that would have been almost unimaginable just decades ago. Will new technologies save mankind from all its ills, or will we reengineer ourselves out of existence?...


Most people in the United States and British-descended nations will say that adultery is wrong. But their actions tell a different story. What is behind this double-standard, and what effect will it have on your nation—or even on you?


What did the original Apostles say about going to heaven or hell? What did they say about the real purpose of life? Which weekly and annual days of worship did they observe? And did those days have a special meaning? What did they actually say...

Prophecy Comes Alive

While world attention focuses on terrorism, escalating strife in the Middle East and fears of recession, prophetically significant events, which will astound the world, are developing in the heart of Europe.

Questions and Answers

Question: Does Galatians 4:8–10 teach that Christians are not required to observe God’s Sabbath and Holy Days?

Answer: No, it does not. The Apostle Paul addressed his letter to the Christians of Galatia...

March-April 2002

Cover Story

When tragedy strikes, it may shatter our hopes for security and peace. We may need to reach out to others, or we may need someone to reach out to us. How can we find comfort in times of suffering and uncertainty? Scripture provides a hope-filled...

Feature Story

It is a slogan found on bracelets, hats and other youth accessories. But for most, it is just a fad, a gimmick or a fashion statement. Very few seem to want to know the answer to the question. What would Jesus do—and what should we do in response...


One tiny city, Jerusalem, again and again finds itself at the heart of international disputes. Mankind's best efforts have failed to resolve the age-old conflicts over this troubled city. But Scripture reveals that peace will finally come to the...


Scientists warn that parts of our planet may become uninhabitable within 30 to 50 years. How should we respond to this global environmental crisis? Scripture shows us how we can heal our environment now, and how God will guide it in the future....