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July-September 1999


In the face of a youth culture that too often glorifies rebellion and violence, is there any hope for a concerned parent who wants to rear a happy and healthy child? The Bible has the answer!


The pace of end-time prophesied events is certainly beginning to speed up. The handwriting is clearly on the wall for America and the British-descended peoples unless we wake up and genuinely turn to God. Our job at Tomorrow's World is to help...

Questions and Answers

Question: I read in John 6:44 that no one can find the true God unless God calls him. But I thought we were free moral agents, able to choose for ourselves, so this "calling" makes it seem as if we have no choice. Please explain...

May-June 1999

Cover Story

From the beginning, human beings have tried to solve their problems without God. Yet both the Bible and human history make plain that without the intervention of Jesus Christ, humanity will destroy itself! We can rejoice in Christ's promise that...

Feature Story

Fifty years after its founding, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization stands at the crossroads of prophecy. What does the Bible tell us about America's role in Europe and in the coming world crisis?


Many do not realize that Germany plays a key role in Bible prophecy and in the events leading up to Jesus Christ's second coming. What does the Bible tell us about this land of mysteries and miracles?


Is there really a fiery hell where the souls of condemned men, women and children suffer for all eternity? Traditional Christianity has its answer, but you may be surprised—and reassured—by what the Bible really says about hell.


The magazine you are now holding in your hands is definitely different, for our team at Tomorrow's World is dedicated to giving you more than just news and opinions. We will give you the real meaning behind today's news...