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Signs of the Times

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Jesus Christ told the religious leaders of His day, "Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times" (Matthew 16:3).

Jesus Christ told the religious leaders of His day, "Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times" (Matthew 16:3).

So it is today.

Many professing ministers of Jesus Christ are highly educated in the technicalities of theological jargon, Semitic languages and biblical literature. They are often very intelligent men, but in the theological seminaries they are seldom taught about the REAL God of the Bible who intervenes in human affairs, who guides the overall destiny of major nations and who will soon RULE this earth with a "rod of iron" (Revelation 19:15).

Yet all around us the signs of the END of this present civilization are beginning to appear. The God of creation is beginning to intervene in the weather and in bringing about major earthquakes as Jesus predicted (Matthew 24:7). The specific indications of the coming massive DISEASE EPIDEMICS are becoming more and more ominous, as you can discover in our booklet Who Controls the Weather? which will be sent to you absolutely FREE upon your request.

As some of us in this Work have been predicting for decades, a European Empire is indeed coming together. It will be dominated by a rearmed and revitalized Germany, as we stated long before this became obvious to the news media. It will also be mightily influenced by the great "mother church" described in Revelation 17. In fact, this European Empire will probably not take its final form until a great religious leader arises in Europe to bring it about.

Meanwhile tens of millions of "mainstream" Protestants have lost their spiritual foundations. They are all mixed up. Many now fully approve of homosexuality and even same-sex "marriages." Most of these mainstream "Christians" have "no problem" with fornication, young couples living together before marriage, "occasional" lying and cheating and the continuing murder of millions of unborn children.

The coming religious leader in Europe will quickly fill the now-apparent void in morality, and will appear to be unique in having the courage to "stem the tide" of immorality sweeping the entire western world. Many leaders of the ecumenical movement will "leap into the arms" of this charismatic figure. For he—they will think—will be the "one" to bring ALL of professing Christianity together again. He will be the one to bring about Christian unity at last!

Meanwhile, the spiritual and moral deterioration of the United States and British descended peoples will continue unabated. Our national prestige and power will keep on diminishing—unless there is a profound national REPENTANCE for sin to a degree unprecedented in modern times! In all honesty, do any of you see that kind of national repentance, humiliation and FASTING before the God of heaven coming about in the foreseeable future?

Additionally, as Jesus indicated when He prophesied coming "terrors" to occur in the END-times (Luke 21:11, RSV), we are now faced with the probability of violent terrorist attacks right in the middle of the major cities of the United States, Canada and Britain! An Associated Press report quoted in San Diego's North County Times (May 25, 1997) describes this possible scenario:

A Hezbollah terrorist tapes a light bulb to the track of a New York City subway station. Minutes later, a passing train smashes the bulb, releasing spores of anthrax, one of the deadliest toxins known to humanity.

Within hours, subway ventilation fans have circulated the poison throughout the system, and people begin dying—perhaps 100,000, perhaps more.

"The death toll would be horrific. You could cripple the country," says Pentagon analyst Peter Probst, whose classified report Terror 2000 identifies this and similar scenarios. "And you can't bury the victims. You have to burn them. There would be funeral pyres throughout the city."

A terrorist attack with anthrax—or sarin gas, or a World Trade Center-style bomb "dirtied" with enough nuclear material to make parts of the city uninhabitable—is almost inevitable, a 1996 Senate report warned.

One hundred thousand or more people DEAD in one attack? A Senate report that states a terrorist attack with anthrax or sarin gas is "almost inevitable"?

We at Tomorrow's World want all of our readers to be truly aware of what lies just ahead. We want you to grasp the meaning behind the coming upsets in the weather, in world events and in our beloved nations. For the God of heaven is truly preparing to SHAKE the nations as part of the "countdown" to Jesus Christ's Second Coming to this earth.

Yes, the scientists and news media will often give you "reasons" for the unusual storms, earthquakes, disease epidemics and other catastrophes. Even so, the pattern of alternate drought on the one hand and floods on the other is becoming more and more ominous. As more and more "unusual" storms, earthquakes, terrorist acts and disease epidemics occur, all of you who are willing to understand will begin to realize that the direct intervention of the CREATOR is involved!

Only those who are willing to worship and to OBEY the true God—the God who reveals Himself in the Bible—will be able to escape the full impact of these coming tribulations. Truly, dear reader, it is time to WAKE UP and to act. It is time to find the true religion of GOD—not what is "comfortable" in mainstream religion or in your own dabbling in man-made "spirituality."

May God help all of you who sincerely want to understand to begin reading carefully each issue of Tomorrow's World. And may He guide you to enroll in and to study the vital lessons of the Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course. There is no other course on earth with the same degree of accuracy and depth—yet you may receive the lessons absolutely FREE. Just write to the address of the regional office nearest to you (listed on page 2 of this magazine) and request enrollment. Genuinely study your Bible along with this course, and ask the Great God of creation for real understanding.

The entire panorama of prophesied END-time events is now beginning to unfold. You need to understand—and to ACT.


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