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America's Last Days?

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The United States is in an unprecedented decline, which was prophesied long ago. How can you individually survive the collapse of your nation?

Your entire future is on the line! It is now being influenced by forces beyond your control. You need to understand.

We all know that people like to make fun of "doom and gloomers." Normally, it is certainly better to look on the bright side and try to be positive about life. Things go easier that way—at least in the short run—normally.


We should learn to be positive about life. For there is a magnificent "great purpose and design" being worked out here on earth, as Sir Winston Churchill famously said. Very few truly understand the awesome purpose for which we were all given life and breath. That purpose has great meaning—and should give everyone wonderful encouragement when they start to understand and to fulfill their genuine purpose.

However, right now there are deep fissures in our entire society. A violent shift away from traditional morality and decency is taking place on a massive scale. We read daily of top political leaders and business executives lying, stealing, "cheating" on their income taxes, having "affairs" and indulging in other skullduggery of all sorts. We see that the mainstream media is almost "pushing" for the breakdown of traditional family values and almost everything that we considered normal and decent in the past. Increasing emphasis on the "rights" of perverts and deviants is being pushed in our faces in a way that would have been absolutely shocking even 15 or 25 years ago! Yet, nearly 6,000 years of recorded human history tell us plainly that the traditional family unit—one man and one woman—has always been the basis of all decent society. Every nation and every society that has abandoned this standard has gone down—and out.

If there is a real God—a Spirit Personality who created and now rules this universe—what does He think about all of this? And, most important of all, what is He going to do about it?

Very few professing Christians today believe in the absolute authority of the inspired word of God, the Holy Bible. They are not acquainted with the real God who inspired the Bible and who created the heavens and the earth. They neither know nor understand the detailed proofs showing God's specific intervention in dealing with ancient cities and empires in the past—exactly as He prophesied in His word! Because of our mounting sins and wretchedness, that very real God is now poised to intervene in human affairs in a dramatic way—a way never before experienced in human history!

How dare I presume that I know what God is going to do? Who gives puny me the "right to be right"?


How Can I Be Sure?

Let me explain by telling you some facts. And God help you to listen! For this information will affect your very life over the next several years.

As a young boy growing up in southwestern Missouri, living in a traditional family and attending a "mainstream" Protestant church, I began to hear a man named Herbert W. Armstrong preaching over the radio during the winter of 1944-45. Even as Germany was being pulverized by British bombing at night and American bombing by day (the British invented radar and were able to use it), Mr. Armstrong was saying that—in spite of its apparent downturn and defeat—Germany would rise again and lead a United Europe. He gave specific prophecies from the Bible showing why this would occur—and how it would affect America and Britain near the end of this age. Later, I was able to attend Ambassador College in Pasadena, California and hear him explain in greater detail literally dozens of biblical prophecies giving the overall "Master Plan" that God is working out here below—detailing specific Bible prophecies that were going to happen.

After graduating in 1952, I was able to travel to Britain with Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and their elder son, Dick Armstrong, to help start the Work there. During the summer of 1954, I traveled with them to Belfast and then on to Glasgow, Manchester and London for a series of public meetings for our radio listeners there. Mr. Armstrong told the British people very forcefully and directly that they should repent of breaking God's laws, and should turn back to the God of the Bible—or else they would lose the great "sea gates" God had given the British and American peoples. He mentioned the Suez Canal and Singapore and the Malacca Straits specifically, among other sea gates.

Mr. Armstrong went on to warn that—unless they truly repented and turned to God—the British Empire would "be no more"! He was directly describing in advance—in 1954—the demise of what had been, in fact, the greatest empire in human history! For the Roman Empire—even at its zenith—did not begin to compare with the worldwide spread of the British Empire through vast parts of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and Canada.

Think! Mr. Armstrong was making colossal claims about specific details involving some of the major nations of the world. How could he possibly know that such things were going to happen many years in advance? And at a time when no one else was predicting such catastrophes?

It Began Happening!

Two years later, my wife and I were sent to stay in London to help the Work get going there. During that very winter of 1956-57, the famous Suez Crisis occurred. Influenced by American Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the U.S. pressured British, French and Israeli paratroopers to withdraw from the Suez Canal and give it to the Egyptians, who were trying to take it away from Britain. The British were very upset! Normally kind British friends would tell me, "We don't love you today, you know!" They tried to be nice about it, but they were deeply hurt, feeling betrayed by an America that had pressured them to give up one of the greatest and most important "sea gates" in human history—a vital passage having great influence on military strength and international commerce.

Later, Britain would lose control of the Bab el Mandeb—southern entrance to the Red Sea, and of many other sea gates, including the Strait of Hormuz, now recognized as vital in the current Middle East situation. Another loss was the famous Simon's Town sea base in South Africa, controlling ocean routes around southern Africa. In addition, Singapore and the Straits of Malacca were also removed from British control. China-watchers today know that the Straits of Malacca are once again often in the news as a sea gate of vital importance in the power struggles and commercial activities of our present world economy.

The U.S. has also lost its few sea gates, culminating with the decision by American President Jimmy Carter to give up control of the Panama Canal. Today, only two significant sea gates remain under control of the British—Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. Yet news comes almost every month that Britain is under increasing pressure to give up control of these important national assets. After years of watching world events, I personally feel that within just a few years at least one of these—if not both—will be gone from British control. I can picture myself writing a follow-up article, "And Then There Were None!"

Long-time Tomorrow's World readers have probably already read our truly insightful and eye-opening booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy. It gives specific proof that shows where the American and British-descended nations fit in Bible prophecy. It shows how the great God promised them control of these vital "sea gates" at the time of the end, but also prophesied that this control would be lost. If you have not yet received or studied this booklet, please call the Regional Office nearest you (listed on page 30 of this magazine) or write to us today for your own copy, which will be sent absolutely free, postage paid, upon your request! You need this information!

Just as he had showed from Scripture what would happen to the sea gates, Mr. Armstrong also warned publicly, during the 1960s and 70s, that although the Soviet Union's control of the nations of Eastern Europe seemed solid, Bible prophecy indicated that they would break away—that the Berlin Wall was going to come down, and that Germany would once again be reunited and become the center of European power! How could that man possibly know about such truly world-shaking events decades in advance? No one else was prophesying or predicting such things! The supposedly knowledgeable "news pundits" did not say one word about this ahead of time—for they did not know or understand the specific prophecies in the Bible!

But those who had been listening to what Mr. Armstrong taught from the Bible did understand. They had been warned in advance of what would happen! I recall a memorable editorial published on December 7, 1989, in the Hendersonville, Tennessee, Free Press: "Like a great many Americans I have been watching the current political situation in East Germany with interest. While many have expressed surprise at the recent events and at East German cries for reunification of East and West Germany, I have to admit I haven't been too surprised by these events. The reason I haven't been particularly surprised is that for years I have occasionally read the publications of… the late Herbert W. Armstrong… Armstrong predicted that the Berlin Wall would some day come down and the two German states would once again reunite into a powerful nation."

Why did Mr. Armstrong understand what so many other ministers failed to understand? How could he so well know the details of these prophesied events ahead of time? Why are most of today's ministers and religious leaders still virtually "in the dark" about the major prophecies being worked out here on earth, right in front of their eyes?

America's End-Time Enemy: Russia or Germany?

"No all-out full-scale war is prophesied between Russia and the United States. The famous prophecy of Ezek. 38 and 39 foretells a Russian invasion of Palestine, much later, not against the North American continent."

The Plain Truth, August 1950, p. 2

"…the world will be dumbfounded to see Germany emerge suddenly in a power never equalled by Hitler—by a union of ten nations in Europe, probably including some at present puppets of Russia—in a gigantic United States of Europe. This definitely is prophesied!"

The Plain Truth, August 1950, p. 4

"Russia may give East Germany back to the Germans and will be forced to relinquish her control over Hungary, Czechoslovakia and parts of Austria to complete the ten nation union. Europe will have a free hand to destroy America and Britain as prophesied."

The Good News, April 1952, p. 16

As Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in the August 1950 issue of The Plain Truth, "Bible prophecies reveal the general course of world events" (p. 2). Certain details will only become fully clear when the prophesied times are immediately upon us. However, Scripture makes plain the overall sequence of end-time prophetic events, which is unlike what most self-styled "prophets"—or even the world's best prognosticators—propose based on their limited human understanding of world events.

Ever since the time of the Apostle Paul, overeager Bible students—deeply desiring Christ's return—have "set dates" that turned out to be incorrect. Even the Apostle Paul, correctly describing the resurrection at Christ's return, expected he would be alive for that momentous event (1 Thessalonians 4:15). By now, experience should have taught Christians that we know "neither the day nor the hour" of Christ's return.

However, Scripture has given us clear signs for which to watch (Matthew 24). More than 50 years ago, during a time when most religious and political leaders only saw the potential for conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, this Work recognized that Bible prophecy put the end-time focus on "Assyria"—Germany, not Russia—as the aggressor that would ultimately put an end to the dominance of the American and British-descended nations (see Psalm 83:8; Isaiah 10–11). Truly, those who are watching world events unfold today realize that Scripture's "big picture" panorama of the end-time prophetic sequence remains sound, as explained more than 50 years ago through the ministry of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, which we in this magazine are continuing.

—William Bowmer


How to Understand


The "key" to the answer is found in Psalm 111:10: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praise endures forever."

Although the entire Bible is filled with scripture after scripture indicating this same basic fact, Psalm 111 shows very clearly that God gives understanding to those who obey His commandments! In the New Testament, we read the Apostle John's understanding of this principle: "And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight" (1 John 3:22).

This point is given very clearly in literally scores of scriptures! If people are willing to actually do what God says—quit arguing and reasoning around God's clear instruction to obey His commandments and His laws—then God will—in fact, hear their prayers and they will receive far more answers to prayer. And they will have far greater understanding of the Bible, of world events and of the powerful prophecies now being worked out in human affairs!

My friends, with the terrible financial crisis now affecting the entire world, and through the unprecedented moral upheaval also affecting most of our nations, God is beginning to humble us and prepare us for the final events of this age—which are clearly prophesied. We find that our leaders are now virtually "pushing" various forms of immorality upon the American people! The promotion of so-called "gay rights," the increasing number of laws and government policies promoting easy access to abortion (the murder of unborn children!), the increasing coarseness of blasphemous and vulgar speech on television and in other media—all these and many more signs clearly indicate that the moral underpinnings of our society are being destroyed, bit by bit, slowly but surely. May God help each of us to wake up before it is too late!

Now, increasingly restrictive legislation, curtailing the ability to speak plainly the truths of the Bible, is being proposed in many legislatures to make it more and more difficult for true ministers to obey God's command: "Cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins" (Isaiah 58:1).

Increasingly, this society's "popular opinion" leaders—in the media, the legislatures and the courts—will be defining as "the bad guys" those of us who strive to uphold traditional values and to teach the basic moral and spiritual principles that have always defined the American way of life! The American and British-descended peoples are on a moral toboggan slide that will lead straight into the Great Tribulation! No wonder our Creator will have to administer loving correction to our peoples!

By the time this happens, even many "mainstream" Christians will realize that "something had to give"—even though many of them will not yet have surrendered to fully obey the God of the Bible. Some few, even if they do not know the full Truth, have enough common sense to see in a general way what is going on. You may have seen the recent comments by Billy Graham's daughter Anne, who was asked how a loving God could allow a terrible tragedy like Hurricane Katrina. Here is her very thoughtful response: "I believe God is deeply saddened by this, just as we are, but for years we've been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get out of our lives. And being the gentleman He is, I believe He has calmly backed out. How can we expect God to give us His blessing and His protection if we demand He leave us alone?"

Be Willing to LEARN and to ACT!

Will you be willing to genuinely obey the God of the Bible? We in this Work are trying to reach out to you in every way that we can, to give you specific proof from the Bible that our society is going down and out unless we genuinely turn to the real God and obey His commandments—all ten of them!

Why do so many perverted leaders in our society keep pushing and pushing for these immoral and ungodly ways? The Apostle Paul was inspired to give the answer: "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting" (Romans 1:28).

Again, God inspired Paul to tell us why people seem to resent the true God of the Bible: "Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be" (Romans 8:7).

Think! The God of the Bible clearly reveals that the normal, physical, carnal mind is at "enmity" against God, because people do not like the idea of a real God who tells them what to do! So they will not submit to the "Law of God." They have come up with various forms of so-called "Christian" teachings and practices—many of which are diametrically contrary to the revealed teachings of Jesus Christ and the way of life which He and the original apostles lived, setting us an example.

This Work is a continuation of the powerful Work established by God through Herbert W. and Loma D. Armstrong back in 1931! A number of our leaders—including myself—were taught directly at the feet of Mr. Armstrong. We know God's Way of life, and we have seen fulfilled—in detail, in our own lifetimes—many, many prophecies that Mr. Armstrong explained! We know that the Bible says what it means, and means what it says.

As you follow the Work of the Tomorrow's World telecast and this magazine, may God help you to understand what we are teaching! For we could certainly have many more supporters if we would go "mainstream" and preach the soft and smooth things of mainstream Christianity. But we have chosen a different way. For God has called us out of this present world and He is using us as the "advance guard" of the coming Kingdom or Government of God to be set up on this earth by Jesus Christ within the lifetimes of most of you! It is coming! The terrible times of suffering during the Great Tribulation—and then the Day of the Lord—are coming upon us much more quickly than many realize.

Along with our powerful booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy, I hope many of you will also contact us to request your free copy of our powerful booklet, The Beast of Revelation. And for those of you who really are willing to put forth the physical and mental effort to learn and to grow in the full understanding of true Christianity and the "way of escape" in the difficult years ahead, please request your free enrollment in the Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course. It will truly open your eyes! It is not some list of our opinions where we claim "the Bible says"—rather, we show you in detail the specific scriptures, with historical references and other facts to help you truly understand and prove to yourself what God's revelation, the Holy Bible, is truly all about—and to help you understand the great purpose being worked out here on this earth today!

As America's national power and prestige continue to deteriorate, as the morality and way of life of the American and British-descended peoples speed downward in their toboggan slide, may God help you to understand—and to act! Speaking of our times, Jesus Christ commanded: "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man" (Luke 21:36).


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